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We are much pleased to know you are interested in our products and will contact us for quotation and specification. In order to save your time and get our quick response, following is some important information we have to know to quote in 24 hours.

If you need anything ,please advise us:

  1. USB C HUB(Please list your requirements,Such as:Type A ;Type C etc.)
  2. USB C Dongle
  3. USB C Docking 
  4. USB Adapter
  5. Lightning Adapter for Aux and Charge
  6. Lightning Adapter for Double Lightning Female

     Performance Request (Product applications, functions, features, special requirements, etc.)

Add:4F.,NO.7,Yuanxing Rd.Tianxing Village,Shiyan Town,Bao'An District ShenZhen,China
Tel: 0755- 2917 7551
Fax: 0755- 2917 7552
Website: www.aipaconn.com

Oversea contact:
Contact: Michael
HP: 13602501169
Email: michael.xiao@aipaconn.com

Internal contact:
Contact: Kobe (MR.XU)
HP: 15907699520
Email: kobe_xu@aipaconn.com 

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